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    1 Only well behaved pets are allowed.
    2 Dogs and owners may be removed from the Resort in event of any pet fights or harrassment of livestock.
    3 Small pets can be kept inside only IN A KENNEL and only when the owner is present
    Large pets are to be kept outside the cabins at all times.
    4 Pets cannot be left alone in the units, ever.
    5 When outside, pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
    6 Owners must pick up pet droppings immediately.
    7 Any pet damage will be charged to the owner.
    8 Any excessive noise or barking will result in the removal of the pet from the property.
    Renters may be evicted immediately at GVS sole discretion in event of abuse of above rules
    Our pet rules are there to allow for all guests’ enjoyment.
    We love our pets too. Please respect our pet rules and have a great stay.